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brand strategy services

Brand Strategy Services

Branding is a complex process that involves much more than logo creation. Good branding requires a lot of research into your company, your customer base, and more. If you want brand strategy services, this article will teach you what to expect.

We’ll talk about what goes into brand strategy, what a brand identity is, and cover the other aspects of branding that a brand strategist might help with.

What is Your Brand Strategy and Identity?

Brand strategy is the process used to determine what sets your company apart from all of the other options on the market. First, we’ll go over what brand strategy sessions will look like, then we’ll delve into brand identity.

Creating A Brand Strategy

A brand strategy session will involve lots of deep research into your company and what makes it tick. It’s an actionable plan to help reach your long-term business goals. Many things are considered for this phase, including:

  • Market analytics. This evaluation, also known as a brand audit, shows how your brand is helping with marketing and sales efforts.
  • Industry research. During the industry research phase, an expert strategist will look at the environmental, legal, political, social, and cultural trends that could have an effect on your business.
  • Studying the competition. By looking at your main competitors, a brand strategist is able to spot gaps that you may be overlooking. They can also find ways to enhance your reach by appealing to a specific niche or target audience.
  • Demographics research. Brand agencies use demographics to determine who your customers are and what they’re interested in.
  • Unique positioning. The way that you position yourself in the industry will determine the types of clients you’ll attract. By finding your unique positioning, you’ll be equipped to take on the competition.
  • Foundational work. Part of branding involves developing an “elevator pitch,” or a quick and effective way to talk about what your company has to offer.

Building A Brand Identity

Once the hard research and work have been completed, your designer will work with you to create a brand identity. A brand identity is a visual representation of who you are. It’s more than just a logo – it’s the overall aesthetic of your company. Your brand identity should be consistent no matter where you go – on your website, social media accounts, etc.

Other Core Aspects of Brand Strategy

Beyond the research and identity phases, you’ll also want to focus on some other key aspects of your brand. These include:

  • Brand story. What problems do your products or services solve? Why were you attracted to this issue? Was there a personal connection? A good example of a company with a great brand story is Speechify.
  • Brand voice. Brand voice is how you come across to your customers. If you’re all about “tough love,” you might have a slightly abrasive tone. If you’re a therapist or counselor, chances are you’ll have a gentle and compassionate tone. A good example of different brand voices (albeit a bit dated) is the difference between Bob and Jillian in the show “The Biggest Loser”. They were offering the same thing, but their approach and voices were totally different. The first three seconds of the above clip show the difference.
  • Brand values. People want to back a company whose values they believe in. By showing that you are invested in social responsibility – whether that means reducing your carbon footprint or organizing an outreach for your local community. An example of a company with brand values is Keebos, a phone case company that donates a portion of each sale to plant a tree.

Need Help With Your Brand Strategy?

There’s a lot to think about when building a brand strategy. At Kentrical, we know exactly what is needed to properly position your brand and get it in front of interested customers.

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to rebrand or if you’re a startup, schedule a consultation today to see how we can help!

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