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SEO & Digital Marketing for Lawyers: Get More Clients

Written By William Zhao

lawyers discussing digital marketing opportunities for success

In the fast-paced, digitally-driven landscape of today, the survival and competitiveness of your law firm hinge crucially on one factor: a commanding online presence.

Imagine this startling reality: a third of prospective clients now embark on their legal journey online.

Without a robust and strategic online marketing approach, law firms risk invisibly losing a staggering 33% of their potential client pool right from the start.

So, how do you craft a digital marketing strategy that not only makes your law firm shine in the crowded online arena but also ensures each dollar spent brings measurable, significant returns?

The future of your firm could depend on the answers to these pivotal questions.

Your digital promotion strategy will diverge based on whether you’re promoting yourself as an attorney, or your legal practice as a collective entity.

For the Individual Attorney:

Think of yourself as a brand.

Your LinkedIn, your bio, your entire digital footprint should radiate reliability and expertise. It’s not just about listing your achievements;

it’s about telling your story in a way that resonates. Pepper in those glowing testimonials wherever you can – they’re like gold dust.

For the Legal Practice:

Here’s where it gets interesting.

Your firm’s brand is a tapestry woven from the individual brands of each attorney.

Branding guru Katy Goshtasbi says it best: the collective image of your practice hinges on how each attorney shines. Training your team in the art of self-promotion? That’s not just beneficial; it’s essential.

1. Investigate Your Ideal Client

Converse with former clients regarding their discovery process, and scrutinize any existing data to accurately identify your marketing audience.

For instance, as an employment attorney, your clientele might predominantly utilize LinkedIn, necessitating an emphasis on establishing a robust

LinkedIn presence in your digital promotion strategy. Conversely, advocating for family law demands considerable empathetic communication, as these clients frequently grapple with intense emotional states.

2. Define Your Digital Marketing Objectives

Potential Objectives:

  • Boost traffic to your legal firm’s website
  • Increased volume of positive online endorsements from clients
  • Is increasing the number of online consultation bookings
  • enhance engagement through social media platforms

Irrespective of the specific digital marketing aim, the overarching aspiration should always be to attract new clientele and cement your legal firm’s digital footprint.

3. What’s The Best Marketing Channel for Lawyers?

Much like varied legal scenarios, the appropriate marketing channels depend on several factors. As highlighted earlier, researching your target demographic and comprehending their online habits is crucial for selecting the most effective digital marketing channels for your investment.

To initiate, here are some prevalent digital marketing avenues:

  • Subscribed online attorney directories such as Justia or FindLaw.
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising
  • Social media outreach
  • Email marketing campaigns

4. SEO for Law Firms

For consistent leads coming from search engines like Google and Bing, every law firm needs SEO.

Although SEO may seem intimidating at first, SEO doesn’t need to be a complicated black box to see consistent leads through search engines like Google or Bing.

3 Things to maximize traffic from SEO


This indicates the words you employ, in addition to other types of content, like pictures, on your law firm’s website pages.

Guaranteeing your website possesses top-notch content shall enhance the user’s experience and contribute to the enhancement of your website’s search engine rankings; particularly if your content is expected to fulfill the user’s intent.

Backlinks and off-page citations:

The perception, reliability, and authority of your law firm on the internet compared to other law firms. This is influenced by the quantity of external website domains and pages directing traffic to your website.

Technical SEO:

User experience stands as a significant ranking factor when Google ranks your website. This implies that considering page speed, title tags, and site structure are objectives you should aim for in the long run.

increased revenue from digital marketing agency for lawyers

In the high-stakes world of legal practice, deciding who handles your digital promotion is like choosing the right jury for a landmark case.

Are you the kind of attorney who gets excited about exploring the depths of digital marketing, or do terms like SEO and PPC send you scrambling back to the comfort of your legal tomes?

If your preference lies in lawyering, it’s logical to enlist an agency.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and dedicate a few hours each week, you could steer your firm’s online presence to success.

But beware the waters of SEM and PPC – they’re tricky territories that demand expertise and constant vigilance. Going solo here might mean sinking your budget.

The smart move? Outsource these complex channels, at least partially, to keep your marketing ship sailing smooth and cost-effective.

solo practitioner lawyer hiring Digital Marketing agency

The more time and strategy you dedicate to your marketing efforts, the more leads you’ll attract, the more people you’ll be able to assist, and, ultimately, your law firm will experience more growth.

Remember: SEO for attorneys is like a marathon, not a sprint. Do not anticipate immediate enhancements in your law firm’s search engine rankings.

Continue emphasizing the creation of excellent, pertinent content for potential clients, constructing backlinks, adhering to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and soliciting client reviews.

To Learn More About Digital Marketing Tools: Digital Marketing Tools

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