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PumpX Mobile 05/06

We provide digital experience services to startups and small businesses.We help our clients succeed by creating brand identities, digital experiences, and print materials.

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01 Problem

Our customer is a startup inventor who came up with idea of a fitness app and he needed our help with mobile app implementation, branding, and user engagement.

02 Solution

We worked on the branding design, our team of developers decided to use React Native stack to cover both platforms at the same time: iOS and Android.

To revamp PumpX's Digital Marketing Strategy, we focused on enhancing website performance and implementing an effective content and keyword strategy aligned with user interests and search behaviors

03 Results

Picture of performance for PumpX fitness App

  • 202% Increase in organic traffic
  • 112% Increase in number of quality backlinks each month implementing advanced SEO strategies, significantly boosting the website’s authority and search visibility.
  • 3-second reduction in loading time for the main website page and 25+ subpages. This improvement was crucial for enhancing user experience and search engine rankings

App UI